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Ear Micro-suction

Restore Medical and Skin Cancer Centre offers EAR Micro – suction, which is considered one of the fastest and most effective techniques to remove ear Wax and unblock ears.

The EAR Micro – suction is suitable for people with

  • Hearing aid Wearers
  • Problems in the canal when syringing I unsuitable
  • Previous ear surgery
  • Perforated ear Drums
  • Impacted ear Wax
  • Have narrow, hairy or curvy ear canals
  • Wear hearing aids


Wax is an important part of ear health. It acts as a filter, removing dust and particulates from your ear. It also has antibacterial qualities. Usually wax will slowly but steadily migrate out of your ear, cleaning your ear in the process.

Sometimes excessive wax will build up inside the ear canal. Causes of this include:

  • Using a cotton bud to clean your ear (pushes wax back in)
  • Wearing ear plugs or hearing aids
  • Exposure to very dusty environments
  • Smoking
  • Older age

To remove stubborn wax, the ear can either be syringed with warm water or suctioned out.

Ear syringing has been used for a long time to clear ears of wax, but it is associated with risks such as ear drum perforation and ear canal infection.

Ear microsuction aims to suction out the wax without the use of water, thus reducing the above risks. It can also be used as part of the treatment of ear canal infection.

It is important to use ear wax softening drops (Waxsol or Ear Clear) every day for 2 days prior to removal of wax through either method or apply softening drops on the day of procedure.

Please note that overly hardened wax can be impossible to remove. If you have it, your clinician will send you home with a wax softening agent and book you in for a follow up removal appointment.